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Magic Shops
  • Wunderground Magic Shop
    A Michigan magic trick shop has magicians supplies, special effects, illusions, juggling equipment, ventriloquism, and clown props. From magic lessons to magic supplies, this site offers a lot to anyone interested in magic. There are even magician's information as well as a list if your are interested in hiring a magician to entertain.
  • Richard Sherry Magic and Escapes
    As a result of Richard's unique building experience and talents, Richard Sherry's Magic and Escapes is unequaled and has become the leading manufacturer of the finest escape equipment in the world.
  • Magic, Inc.
    Magic, Inc. is the oldest continuously family-run magic shop in North America and is located in Chicago. Magic Inc. has continued to be the leading-edge magic source for magic tricks, books, DVDs, lessons and lectures.
  • Abbott Magic
    Abbott Magic is an online store whose mission is simple: to provide the best magic products and service to their customers at the lowest prices possible.

Harry Houdini
  • Houdini
    The History Museum gathers, interprets, and disseminates information related to the life and career of Harry Houdini. The Houdini exhibit lets you experience some of Harry Houdini's tricks of the trade through hands-on activities.
  • Houdini Himself
    Welcome to Houdini Himself. In launching this site my intentions are to share the information I have acquired and the experiences I have encountered in collecting Houdini memorabilia for thirty-five years.
  • Wild About Houdini
    John Cox became interested in Houdini back in 1975. Since then he put together a great site of a biography of Houdini, loads of pictures and other information about the legend of the world recognized escape artist.
  • Houdini Tribute
    Fantastic huge site on "everything" Houdini. Extremely informative and just full of information, pictures, and sound of the legend's life.

Magic Museums
  • American Museum of Magic
    The American Museum of magic celebrates magicians and their magic. The American Museum of Magic is home to the largest collection of magic open to the public. Thousands of artifacts illuminate the stories of Houdini, Blackstone, Thurston and many others.
  • My History Museum
    Located at 330 E. College Avenue - Appleton, WI 54911, the History Museum gathers, interprets, and disseminates information related to the life and career of Harry Houdini who claimed Appleton, Wisconsin as his home-town.

  • The American Lock Collectors Association
    The American Lock Collectors Association was founded in 1970. Its purpose is to educate, socially unite and discover new lock collectors. These goals are accomplished through a large newsletter, written by experts in the hobby.

Hire a Magician

Animal Shelters
  • Blue Lion Rescue
    Lisa Kavanaugh loves rescuing large breeds of dogs, and it shows when a majority of other shelters including the Humane Society call on Lisa to take dogs on almost a daily basis as well as many from the private sector.

  • A Houdini Tribute
    "A Houdini Tribute" by Mr. Ian McColl. He is a locksmith in Australia, and he re-created locks, chains and handcuffs for the movie "Houdini", as well as the commemorative French Letter handcuff.
  • U.S. Handcuffs and Collectibles
    Great site to see and read about all different types of handcuffs from his personal collection.